Dec 5, 2013

PTO MInutes -- December 5, 2013

Call to order 6:05 pm
Attendance: Jessica Almy, Dan Roy, Alicia Wallace, Melissa Bocash, Amanda Leslie

Location: Lil Red School

Old Business:
Minutes – Approved. 

Treasurer’s Report—There were deposits of interest, Yankee Candle online profit, and picture money.  Payments to Yankee Candle and Billings Farm were made.  The next one should reflect an amazon deposit, a payment to Christine A. of  $120, and deposits from the holiday bake sale and 50/50 raffle.

Yankee Candle—2 items still needing correction.

School Food Drive—Jessica agreed to type up a reminder.

Holiday Program—Details were confirmed.  

PJ Party/Movie Night—Again, there were minimal sign ups.  We decided to cancel, contact those few who had signed up, and not try again next year.

Annie’s Grant—Amanda wrote and submitted the application.  We will be told mid-January if we receive it.

Box Tops—The checks still have not been received.

Website/FB site and group—Generally, it was agreed that these are helpful but shouldn’t replace paper communication.  Dan and Jessica still needed to be added to the FB group.

Pizza Fundraiser—Melissa contacted the company and decided we’d be rushed if we aimed to finish for the Superbowl.  We agreed that it wouldn’t significantly impact our sales.  We are planning to run it in February, to be delivered mid-March.

New Business:
Warm Hearts Drive—We will run this in January; I’ll find out from Christine what she does with the items collected.

Ice skating—This will depend on Scott, who is unsure of his plans.  It usually happens in January and February.

Sand for walkways—Dan was concerned about the steps and walkways being sanded this time of year.  Sand is available.  He agreed to check M-W-F, and Amanda will T-Th.

Agenda Items for next meeting: Valentine’s Day party

Mtg adjourned: 6:45 pm.
Next meeting: January 9, 2014

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