Oct 3, 2013

PTO Minutes -- October 3, 2013

Present: Amanda Leslie, Samantha Pifer, Allen Pifer, Alicia Wallace, Dan Roy, Kelly George, Jessica Almy, Bev LaPointe, Michelle Maynard, Eric Philbert, Melissa Bocash.

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 4:44 pm

Approval of Minutes: Kelly George moved and Samantha Pifer seconded to accept the minutes of the September 5, 2013 meeting as presented. The motion passed.

Treasurer's Report: The Treasurer's Report shows a balance of $2,180.22 as of September 30, 2013.

Old Business
  •  Yankee Candle: Due Friday the 11th
  • Community Day: Was a success and a lot of fun.
  • Wellwood: Went well.
  • Hampstead: A little too expensive and out of budget. Kelly will look into booking a different play for March.
 New Business
  • Fire Safety: October 11th will be the fire house field trip. Fire station supplies lunch. Jessica will talk to Chief Lee about escorting the children as they walk to the fire station.
  • Halloween: Halloween party will be November 1st. Will ask 2nd and 3rd grade parents to provide food. Melissa and Bev may be available to help out.
  • School Choice Open House: We'll get volunteers for food. Bev will bring coffee station with everything that goes with it.
  • Veteran's Day: The music teacher will work on some songs with the children. Amanda will find out when it's happening (November 9th or 10th?)
  • New Fundraiser Idea: Little Caesars -- maybe in February -- Melissa will look into this a bit more.
  • North American Power: Alicia brought up signing the school up. She will talk to Chuck Stewart and find out more information.
  • Bus Shelter: Allen asked if it's really needed. The children like to be outside and it hasn't been a huge problem. The teachers can ask them to quiet down if it is a problem, but they still like the idea of a shelter. The school board gave the go ahead to add a bus shelter. Allen and Alicia will talk and possibly attempt to make one out of pallets. Possible location would be in front of the ramp. 
  • Bank: Sam signed the bank info to add Amanda to the PTO account.
  • Holiday Performance: The teachers need ideas. They are thinking of doing a survey to the parents for ideas. They could use this list to pick something for this year, as well as keep it for ideas in the future. 
  • Recycling: Will start recycling with a box, but will look into getting a recycling bin (checking on the labels website; if not, we'll buy one from Amanzon.) The teachers will let Carl know that it's for mixed paper recycling.

Respectfully submitted,

Samantha Pifer

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