Aug 15, 2013

PTO Minutes -- August 15, 2013

Present: Alan Pifer, Samantha Pifer, Christine Almstrom, Amanda Leslie

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 5:pm

Old Business
  • Minutes: Tonya not present -- no minutes to read
  • Treasurer's Report: None, as Sam had just done an end-of-the-year report. Only thing new was $ donated. but not used, for teacher appreciation and $ from plant sales. Amanda raised the question of another Box Top check arriving this supper.

New Business
  • Tentative Calendar of Events: Primarily, we looked at early items/events:
    • School pictures -- Last year, we charged $10 per CD. Rather than ask Amie Freak if she is interested, Christine will continue to do school pictures. We'll charge $!5 this year, so Christine will get $5 per student/CD for her time. We'll plan for 2nd part of September with a rain date  (probably a Friday). 9/27, raindate of 10/4
    • Open House -- Perhaps this could be early and combined with a back-to-school potluck, PTO meeting, and ice cream social.
    • Officers -- We'll need a change of signer form from the bank to remove Christine's name.
  • Back to School Packets: I'll assemble these to include the Feedback sheet & info on Box tops and Labels for Ed, and I'll send them out within the first month of school.
  •  Yankee Candle: I will look into Yankee Candle before next meeting.
  •  School Board request for Kindergarten Committee -- Angi brought this request to my attention. There are no willing people here;  we don't see the need, since 4th is happening, 3rd grade teacher could be added just for 4th and leave other classes as is. Making Kindergarten five day wouldn't really have any budgetary impact, beyond supplies and such. Only additional info could be educational research.
  • Quarterly PTO newsletters: Amanda proposed this idea. We could share what we've done, what the school needs, how the PTO could use help, etc. All were in favor.
 Monthly meeting day & time review: We agreed taht 6 pm works as a potluck and we will be at school until we see whether we're getting more people. We'll discuss the day of the week at the next mtg. as Sam's schedule is changing.

Any other items needing review
  • When we vote on members, officers, etc. we need to write to the bank to get the treasure and president on the account.
  • How do we get more people involved? Raffle for attendance. 
  • Alyssa Hansen memorial -- All were in favor of the idea, which needs monthly, which needs feedback from the teachers and parents.
  • Welcome back for teachers: Sam will handle pulling something together. 

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